Designer. Creator. Printer & Owner. 
A little bit about me...
    After receiving my degree in Graphic Design I bounced around jobs in the entertainment and event planning world and finally found my first 'ig girl' job as a  production designer at a printshop and received a great foundation in the pre press production graphics and all of the ins and outs that they don't teach you in school. After 5 years, I moved to Texas where I found a job working as a large format designer for schools nationwide, from Pre-K all the way to college level. It is there that I create wall murals, stadium graphics, rigid signs, neon signs, and much more.    
Growing up my Dad worked in the Newspaper industry for 30 years and so naturally I have followed in his footsteps in the print world... Why is this important you ask? Because it leads me to my point; My Side Gig! I feel like every designer has a side gig and mine began when I moved to Texas and was in between jobs. I took a course in letterpress design and fell in LOVE. 
    After taking the course I was determined to purchase a letterpress printer and during the pandemic I found one just two hours from me, so I unwillingly convinced my boyfriend (now fiance) to rent a tilt trailer and a wench and lug a 1500lb. hunk of metal back to Georgetown, where we now have converted our garage into a printshop. And so the side gig eveolved. I always had clients I worked for on the side but the letterpress opened up a new world of greeting cards, invitations, and more premium embossed printables. So I now sell had printed items on Etsy and license with ​​​​​​​
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